The community in West Hollywood is full of culture and diversity, where many global citizens meet and interact and enjoy the myriad of activities Southern California has to offer.

The Willoughby is located within the four major highway arteries in Los Angeles: 101-Freeway, 10-Freeway, 405-Freeway and Ventura Highway. There is so much to see and do within these confines, that you will never experience traffic again, as you go about your daily work schedule and activities.

Rest assured that every major grocery chain, banking resource, health & medical facility, restaurant chain, boutique shopping store, as well as seven major shopping malls, are all located within seven miles of the Willoughby.

Living inside the Willoughby is as convenient as its location in Los Angeles. The building is designed with the best energy technologies (Solar Energy, HVAC systems, Water Purification Systems, Emergency Energy Systems, for example). The convenient and spacious seven carport garage in the basementwill guarantee parking day & night. The extra pantry studio in the basement will extend the building to all five floors.

The Willoughby Site

The Willoughby Site

The Willoughby Site You will need to log into the www.willoughby.me website after registering wi..

$1,744,550.00 Ex Tax: $1,744,550.00

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